Crave Sports Company Authentication Verification

Crave Sports Company authenticates items from our events and private signings. We do not authenticate outside items, only items autographed and witnessed in person by a representaive of our company.

Our certificate of authenticity (COA) process includes using two identical holograms. One hologram is always placed on the item, and another on a COA card. If the hologram is not on the item, it is not Crave Authentic.

We also use two different styles of holograms, one that says Crave Sports Co Event and another that says Crave Sports Company.

Please fill out the form below with the hologram number for verification of authentication. We will get back to you within 7 Days whether or not the item matches our database and is Crave Authentic.

For 100% verification of authenticity, also provide us with a picture of the item. Email to and reference the hologram number after filling out this form.

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