This is a PayPal Instruction Page for Advertisers

The buttons below are for instructional use on how to program PayPal buttons to inject to your crave commerce listing.

Create an Add to Cart Button Click here

Read the simple instructions from PayPal and click Create your button now.
The button type you select is the Shopping Cart Button. We recommend the Shopping Cart button as your customer can add multiple items.

Screenshots below is how the menu will appear when injected.

Example 1 Button

Viola Autograph Attending Tickets

Example 1 Programming

Example 1 Customer's View When Checking Out

Additional Buttons to Program. Feel free to program additional buttons for items to reserve. You can choose to do it in the same drop-down as the above example or separate for your customer. Keep in mind, that we will be able to explain the buttons and what each option means to the customer within your listing.

Example 2 Button

Viola Attending Menu

Example 3 Button
This is now an additional button with Example 1 with tickets only and then add this button for items to be reserved for the signing.

Viola Attending Items Only

Example 4 Button
This is an additional button you can create that has multiple options, such as the photo type. You can label the drop-down to include additional options

Item Only - Select Photo Option

Example 4 Button


You can add as many buttons as you would like for options on your listing! We can help you as well, but cannot program these buttons on your behalf since you need to be logged in to your PayPal to program.