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From start to finish, we do it all.


Hire us to help you have a successful autograph signing Event!

Grand Openings    In-Store Excitement    New Product Launch    Memorabilia Event   Charity Event

We know what it takes to run a successful autograph signing. We offer basic services from logistics to full service running the event from start to finish and bringing the athlete with us! Shoot us an email or give us a call!
We will find out your goals, needs and wants and then send you a quote for the service level needed.

These appearances can be for a Grand Opening Event, Charity Event, In-Store Autograph Memorabilia Event and any other reason you would want to bring attention, promote your brand and company with the excitement of a professional athlete coming to meet your customers!

Our team can be hired to coordinate, make suggestions and even bring in the player for your signing.
We get involved with the full logistics and offer three levels of service:

Level 1

Logistical advice only.
In our basic level of involvement, we offer advice and complete detail on everything you need covered for you and your staff to run the event successfully. Logistics 101. Email us your idea.

Level 2

Logistical advice with full Crave staff event management.
In this level, we will be involved and help run the event at your location. We will offer the full logistical detail of every aspect needed and what it will take for you to have the success you are wanting to get out of this autograph signing event. Email us your idea.

Level 3

Logistical advice, full Crave staff event management, booking and contracting of your requested athlete.
This level will be the full course from beginning to end. Based on your budget, we will book the player(s) from the team you want and run the entire event for you. The player will be approved by you, every aspect will be approved by you. We will make our full suggestion from start to finish, and help you get the most of what your goal is for the appearance. Email us your idea,

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