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From start to finish when it comes to athlete appearances, signing autographs, player marketing, successful events...we do it all.

Crave Sports Company offers you everything from player representation, player branding, event planning, event consulting, event commerce, ticket releases and more. Let us get involved, use our knowledge, use the power of and bring success to you and your brand.

One of the most powerful things you can utilize is the traffic from our website. Our analytics regularly shows a minimum of 160,000 page views going through our website every week. Here at Crave Sports Company, we can help you on so many levels of involvement. Our main goal is to allow fans to meet athletes and/or build a great memorabilia collection. Some of the services we offer are outlined below, contact us anytime for no obligation conversations!! You deserve nothing but the best.

  • Events Involving Athletes
    • Autograph Signings
    • Charity Events
    • Event Promotion (take advantage of what we can do for you)
    • Grand Openings
    • In-Store Excitement
    • Memorabilia Events
    • New Product Launch
    • Planning
    • Player Contracting - Let us get you the player for your event!
    • Promotions
    • Ticket Commerce
  • Consulting Services
    • We know what it takes to run a successful autograph signing and offer different levels of involvement for all events. This will include basic consulting to full logistics with staff.
    • We can run the the event from start to finish and bring the athletes with us! Right now our client list is over 300 different athletes and have access to thousands. We would find out which teams and players you are interested in and get the perfect player for your event.
    • Let's find out your goals, needs and wants and then you can select our level of involvement.
  • Player Management
    • Appearances
    • Branding
    • Marketing
    • Player Direct Memorabilia (coming soon)

Get to know CRAVE!! Browse our website!! We list every single public autograph signing in America. We are the main information provider of information about events involving athletes and signing autographs. Use our company to help with extra promotion and make whatever your goal is as successful as possible!

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