Jose Rijo Private Signing

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Jose Rijo Private Signing

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Pricing is full package of baseball, autograph, shipping & COA. Add inscriptions to your order if you wish!

Order a Baseball:
$95 - Rijo autographed 1990 World Series Baseball (Reds MVP Year) - This price includes WS baseball, autograph, shipping & COA
$75 - Rijo autographed Official Major League Baseball - This price includes OML baseball, autograph, shipping & COA

$10 Inscriptions (per 4 words)
Add an inscription to your order. Examples: 1990 WS MVP, 1990 World Champs, 1993 NL Strikeout Leader, 1994 All-Star etc...

If adding an inscription, type your exact inscription at checkout.

If wanting a different particular logo baseball signed, please email us. We will see what we can do for you!

We take great pride in the quality of the baseball sent back to you, as if we were adding this to our own collection. 

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