Canton Show Autograph Tickets (Attending)


Canton Show Autograph Tickets (Attending)

from 10.00

Purchase your autograph & inscription tickets for the Canton Show on August 4th, 2018! Some players will include HOF inscription with their autograph tickets and others need to be added. If the HOF inscription is included, it will show in the drop-down menu. See Tier levels for inscriptions not included below.

Attending Autograph Pricing:
Barney w/ HOF $25, Bethea w/ HOF $25, Brazile w/ HOF $40, Briggs $40, Brown w/ HOF $20, Campbell w/ HOF or HT 77 $79, Casper w/ HOF $30 Basic/$40 Premium, Culp w/ HOF $30, Dean w/ HOF $35, Delamielleure w/ HOF $20, Eller w/ HOF $30, Guy w/ HOF $25, Haley $55, Hannah w/ HOF $30, Haynes $65 Basic/$90 Premium, Jackson w/ HOF $30, Joiner w/ HOF $20, Jones w/ HOF $30, Kelly w/ HOF $30, Krause w/ HOF $30, Levy w/ HOF $25, F. Little w/ HOF $35, L. Little w/ HOF $25, Mack w/ HOF $25, McDaniel $40 Basic/$50 Premium, Moon $50 w/ HOF, Pace $55, Polian w/ HOF $25, Randle $45, Roaf w/ HOF $30, Robinson w/ HOF $20, Rose $59 Flats/$89 Premiums, Shaw w/ HOF $20, Shields w/ HOF $30, Slater w/ HOF $35, Stephenson w/ HOF $30, Thomas w/ HOF $35, Warfield w/ HOF $35 Basic/$50 Premium

Extra Inscriptions Pricing:
Tier 1: $10 Barney, Bethea, Briggs, Brown, Campbell, Casper, Culp, Dean, DeLamielleure, Eller, Guy, Hannah, Jackson, Joiner, Jones, Kelly, Krause, Levy, F. Little, L. Little, Mack, Pace, Polian, Roaf, Robinson, Shaw, Shields, Slater, Stephenson, Thomas, Warfield
Tier 2: $15 Brazile, Haynes, McDaniel, Moon, Randle
Tier 3: $20 Pete Rose
Tier 4: $25 Haley

Campbell will include two inscriptions with his autograph for free, HOF 91 or HT 77. No additional inscriptions will be available for Earl.

Pete Rose will include either “Hit King” or “4256” free. $20 each additional inscription. Flats pricing include flats to 16x20/baseballs, Premium pricing is all other items.

Basic items consist of flats to 16x20/minis.
Premium items consist of larger flats/footballs/artwork/full helmets/other equipment.

Can't make the signing? Visit the mail order menu to have something signed & shipped!

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