CRAVETHEAUTO's 2018 MLB Caravan & Fest Guide

All the places your favorite MLB Stars will be appearing prior to the 2017 Season. Some are traveling in "Caravans" and others are appearing at one big location, aka a "Fest."

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(Will continue to be update)

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Cincinnati Reds - Reds Caravan January 25-28

Colorado Rockies - Rockies Caravan TBA

Detroit Tigers - Tigers Caravan TBA

Houston Astros - Astros Caravan TBA

Minnesota Twins - Winter Caravan TBA

Philadelphia Phillies - Phillies Caravan TBA

Saint Louis Cardinals - Cardinals Caravan TBA

San Diego Padres - Padres Caravan TBA

Seattle Mariners - Mariners Caravan TBA

Texas Rangers - Rangers Caravan TBA

Toronto Blue Jays - Blue Jays Winter Tour TBA


(Will continue to be updated)

Arizona Diamondbacks TBA

Atlanta Braves TBA

Baltimore Orioles January 27 FanFest

Boston Red Sox TBA

Chicago Cubs January 12-14 Cubs Convention

Chicago White Sox January 26-27 SoxFest

Cincinnati Reds December 1-2 Redsfest
Cincinnati Reds / Cleveland Indians (March) TBA

Cleveland Indians Tribe Fest - January 20
Cleveland Indians / Cincinnati Reds (March) TBA

Colorado Rockies TBA

Detroit Tigers January 27 TigersFest

Houston Astros TBA

Kansas City Royals January 26-27 FanFest

Los Angeles Dodgers January 27

Miami Marlins TBA

Milwaukee Brewers January 28 Brewers On Deck

Minnesota Twins January 19-21 TwinsFest

Oakland Athletics TBA

Pittsburgh Pirates December 9 PirateFest 

Saint Louis Cardinals Winter Warm-Up - January 13-15

San Diego Padres Padres FanFest TBA

San Francisco Giants TBA

Seattle Mariners TBA

Tampa Bay Rays FanFest TBA

Texas Rangers TBA

Washington Nationals December 16-17 WinterFest

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